In Scadbury Park there are ‘QR’ codes on all of the posts around the acorn trail.

To access the QR content, either scan the QR code on the acorn trail posts, or click the button below to be taken to an index page.

To use these you need to follow the instructions below…

  1. There are a number of ways to scan a QR Code:

    1. On an IPHONE you can use the in-built camera application. Simply hover the camera over the QR code and click the notification bar at the top of the camera display that should appear. (Titled ‘Open in Safari’ and the page will open. In order to open the content for another post, simply re-open the camera application and scan the code on the other post.

    2. On OTHER PHONES such as ANDROID or GOOGLE PHONES, you should download an application called ‘QR Code Reader’ from the application store, such as GOOGLE PLAY. You should hover the camera over the QR code and the content page for that post should open in your web browser.

      If you need any other assistance, please contact the Friends of Scadbury Park by emailing the digital manager
      Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you here