On this page, you will be able to download resources relating to the hedgerows and meadows in Scadbury Park. 


Old Hedgerows are important because, compared to newer hedgerows, the habitats they make up have had much longer to establish themselves. This means they are able to support a much greater diversity of plants and animals. They may also be relics of ancient woodlands and frequently support plants and animals which are typical to these habitats. Old hedges often have nearby features, such as banks, ditches, trees and deadwood habitats that add to their wildlife value. Hedges may also help to link other habitats together, providing important wildlife 'corridors' between areas of woodland, or grassland, for example.


What-To-Spot, Hedgerows and Meadows (coming soon)

Community Heritage Initiative - Hedgerow Survey

Native Hedge Plants For Gardens

Hedge Plant Identification Sheet (1 of 2)

Hedge Plant Identification Sheet (2 of 2)

How to plant a Hedgerow of native species in your garden