We reproduce here the Bye Laws of Scadbury Park dating from 1986. These can be downloaded here...


The LONDON BOROUGH COUNCIL OF BROMLEY in exercise of the powers conferred upon them by Sections 20, 21(4) and 106 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 (a) in accordance with Section 236 of the Local Government Act 1972 (b) hereby make the following byelaws for the protection of the Nature Reserve at SCADBURY PARK in the London Borough of Bromley.

1. In these byelaws

(a) "The Reserve" shall mean the pieces or parcels of land containing in the whole 114 hectares or thereabouts and situate in Chislehurst in the London Borough of Bromley declared to be managed as a Nature Reserve by the declaration dated the 18th day of June One thousand nine hundred and eighty-six made by the London Borough of Bromley in pursuance of Section 21 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949, and the Reserve is for the purposes of identification shown as nearly as may be on the map annexed to these byelaws and therein edged with a dotted line.

(b) "The Council" shall mean the London Borough of Bromley

(c) "Firearm" shall have the same meaning as in Section 57 of the Firearms Act 1968.

2. Within the Reserve the following Acts lire hereby prohibited except insofar as they may be authorized by a permit issued by the Council in accordance with Byelaw 4, or are necessary to the proper execution of his duty by an officer of the Council or by any person, or servant of any person, employed or authorised by the Council.



(i) Entering at any time those parts of the Reserve shaded grey on the attached map; or where notice to keep out has been posted by order of the Council.


(ii) Spreading or using any net, or setting or using any lamp or other instrument, or any snare or lure, for the taking, injury or destruction of any living creature.

(iii) Taking, molesting or intentionally disturbing, injuring or killing any living creature.

(iv) Taking or intentionally disturbing or destroying the eggs, larvae, pupae or other immature stages, or the place used for the shelter or protection of any living creature.

(v) Intentionally removing, displacing, destroying or cutting any tree, shrub, plant dead or decaying wood moss, lichen, leaf mould, fungus or part thereof, or any unfashioned mineral thing including water.

(vi) Climbing or ascending any tree or climbing or placing a ladder or steps against any tree .


(vii) Intentionally bringing, or permitting to be brought into the Reserve, any living creature, or the egg of any living creature, or any plant, or any seed or any other part of any plant, in such circumstances that it is likely that such creature or plant will reproduce or propagate itself, or such egg will hatch, or such seed will germinate.

(viii) Bringing into, or permitting to remain within , the Reserve any dog unless it is kept on a lead, is kept under proper control and is prevented from worrying or disturbing any animal or bird.

(ix) Bringing, or causing to be brought into the Reserve any cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, or any beast of burden or draught, save in pursuance of a legal agreement with the Council or otherwise in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege.


(x) Committing any act which pollutes or is likely to cause pollution of any water.

(xi) Bathing, wading or sub-aqua diving in any water.

(xii) Ice skating

(xiii) Sailing model boats

(xiv) Mooring, leaving, propelling, or launching any boat on any part of the ponds in the Reserve .

(xv) Sporting fishing and angling.

(xvi) Obstructing the flow of any drain or watercourse.


Save in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege, bringing or causing to be brought into the Reserve any barrow, truck, machine or vehicle other than - (a) a wheeled bicycle, tricycle or other similar machine; (b) a wheelchair or perambulator drawn or pro-popelled by hand or an electrically propelled wheelchair used solely for the conveyance of a child, or children, or an invalid . Provided that where the Council set apart a space in the Reserve for the use of any class of vehicle, this byelaw shall not be deemed to prohibit the driving in, or to, that space by a direct route from the entrance of the Reserve, of any vehicle of the class for which it is set apart and further provided that any bicycle, tricycle or similar machine, as mentioned aforesaid, shall be wheeled solely along a public footpath or any other path or walk indicated by notice as being a path or walk.

(xvii) Launching any aircraft except in case of emergency.

(xviii) Launching, or landing, except in an emergency, a hang glider.

(xix) Operating any hang glider at such a height that persons on the ground or in buildings may be inconvienced or annoyed.


(xx) Using any camera or any apparatus for the transmission,reception, reproduction, or amplification of sound, speech, or images, by electrical or mechanical means, except apparatus designed and used as an aid to defective hearing or vision, apparatus used for the purpose of amateur photography and apparatus used in a vehicle so as not to produce sound audible by a person outside the vehicle .

(xxi) Using any device designed or adapted for detectingor locating any metal or mineral in the Reserve.


(xxii) Being in possession of a fire-arm (with ammunition suitable for use in that firearm) otherwise than on a public paved road, or discharging a fire-arm or lighting a firework .

(xxiii) Projecting any missile manually or by artificial means.


(xxiv) Erecting, occupying or using any tent, shed, caravan or other structure for the purpose of camping elsewhere than in an area indicated by a notice as available for camping.

(xxv) Flying any kite or model aircraft.

(xxvi) Erecting any post, rail , fence, pole, booth, stand, building or other structure.

(xxvii) Neglecting to shut any gate or to fasten it if any means of doing so are provided.

(xxviii) Posting or placing any notice or advertisement .

(xxix) Selling or offering or exposing for sale, or letting for hire or offering or exposing for letting for hire, any commodity or article, or selling or offering for sale any service.

(a) Engaging in any activity which is causing or likely to cause a disturbance.

(b) Holding any show, performance, public meeting, exhibition , or sports, or the playing of any organised games.

(xxxi) (Intentionally or recklessly) removing or displacing, any notice board, notice exhibited by order of the Council, apparatus, wall, boundary bank, fence barrier, railing, post or hide.

(xxxii) Roller skating, skiing, tobogganing, golfing , horse riding, bicycle scrambling or skate-boarding.

(xxxiii) Lighting any fire, stove, heater or other appliance capable of causing a fire, elsewhere than in an area indicated by a notice as being available for camping.

(xxxiv) Letting fall or throwing any lighted match or lighted substance in a manner likely to cause a fire.

(xxxvi) (Intentionally) Obstructing, disturbing, inter· than a receptacle provided by the Council for deposit of litter or refuse .


(xxxvi) (Intentionally) Obstructing, disturbing, interrupting or annoying any officer of the Council or any person, or the servant of any person, employed or authorised by the Council in the execution of any works including research or scientific work connected with the laying out, maintenance or management of the Reserve.

(xxxvii) Obstructing. disturbing, interrupting or annoying any other person in the proper use of the Reserve .

3 . 
(1) The Council may issue permits authorizing any person to do any act or class of acts within the Reserve or any part thereof which would ·otherwise be unlawful under these byelaws. 
(2) Any such permit shall be issued subject to
the following conditions:

(a) that it must be carried whenever a visit is made to the Reserve, and produced for inspection when required by a person duly authorised by the Council in that behalf; and

(b) that it may be revoked by the Council at any time .

4. These byelaws shall not operate so as to interfere with the exercise –

(a) by a person of -
(i) a right vested in his as owner, lessee or occupier of land in the Reserve,
(ii) any easement or profit a prendre to which he is entitled. 
(iii) any public right of way.

(b) of any function of a local authority, statutory undertaker or of a water authority or other drainage authority .

(c) by a constable or a member of the armed forces or of any fire brigade or ambulance service of the performance of his duty.

5. Every person who shall infringe any byelaws for the regulation of the Reserve may be removed therefrom by any officer of the Council, by any constable or by any other duly appointed person in any one of the several cases hereinafter specified, that is to say:-

(a) where the infraction of the byelaw is committed in the sight of such constable, officer or duly appointed person and the name and address of the person infringing the byelaw are unknown to and cannot easily be ascertained by such officer, constable or duly appointed person;

(b) where the infraction of the byelaw is committed within the view of such officer or constable and from the nature of the infraction, or from any other fact of which such officer, constable or duly appointed person may have knowledge, or of which he may be credibly informed, therl! may be reasonable ground for belief that continuing presence in the Reserve of of the person infringing the byelaw may· result in another infraction of a byelaw, or that the removal of such person from the Reserve is otherwise necessary as a security for the proper use and regulation thereof.

6. Any person who offends against any of these byelaws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding the sum of £100 and in the case of a continuing offence to a further fine not exceeding £5 for each day during which the offence continues after the said conviction.

THE COMMON SEAL OF THE MAYOR AND BURGESSES OF THE LONDON BOROUGH OF BROMLEY was hereunto affixed the 23rd day of July 1986 in the presence of: - 

Assistant Chief Executive

The Secretary of State hereby confirms the foregoing Bye-laws.

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State.

F.C. ARGENT. An Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Environment. 
Department of the Environment
Tollgate House,
Houlton Street,
BS2 9DJ.

9th September 1986.

The Foregoing is a true copy of the byelaws as confirmed.
Chief Executive
Bromley Civic Centre,
Rochester Avenue,
BR1 3UH.