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Please treat the Park with respect


This oak tree is over 400 years old

Post 2

Celandine on dry banks...


A spring carpet of bluebells

Post 4

Used for English longbows

Post 5

Birch trees are early colonisers

Post 6

Nesting birds and roosting bats

Post 7

Dead wood - home for invertebrates

Post 8

Caterpillars of the holly blue butterfly

Post 9

Bullfinches can be heard here

Post 9A

Bomb craters can still be seen

Post 10

Noisy parakeets around the park

Post 11

Scadbury Manor build around 1200

Post 12

Rose hips are rich in vitamin C

Post 13

Orchards were removed in 1971

Post 14

Newts, toads and frog in this pond

Post 15

semi-natural ancient woodland

Post 16

Tawny owls hunt for field voles

Post 17

A hedge of native tree species

Post 18

Blackthorn sloes used to flavour gin

Post 19

Living sundial can tell you the time


A completed Acorn Trail