The Acorn Trail


What to see in Scadbury

Scadbury Park has been managed as a country estate for many centuries and although there is no longer a grand house here, it remains home to many plants and animals whose ancestors lived here, and ancient trees which have been growing at Scadbury for hundreds of years. Some of these you will be able to see on the way around the nature trail, indicated by posts. 

How to get around

The Acorn Nature Trail is marked by 20 numbered posts. It is about 2.5 miles long and may be muddy at times, with steps and kissing gates. There are some gradients of more than 1:5 (20 %). Much of Scadbury is a working farm. Please follow the Country Code, keep to the footpaths and remove your dog waste. Cycling, horse riding and fishing are not allowed. Scadbury Park Nature Reserve By-Laws apply.

Part of Scadbury Park is also used as a working farm.

ODAS, (Orpington and District Archaeological Society) undertake surveys at the site of the moated house, and hold an annual open weekend. More...

The Shaw Trust, which uses the TREE Centre is a not-for-profit organisation helping disabled people or those at disadvantage to find and sustain employment or enjoy more independent living. More...

This information is taken from a leaflet produced for the Acorn Walk around Scadbury. You can download a copy of the leaflet here...

Starting at the Old Perry Street Car Park, look for the posts numbered 1 to 20.


The Acorn Trail, mapped on Google Maps

The Acorn Trail, mapped on Google Maps

The Acorn Trail - Overview

The Acorn Trail - Overview