Toads are in trouble!

Bromley Biodiversity Partnership’s Rare and Declining Species Project

The Friends of Scadbury are members of The Bromley Biodiversity Partnership, committed to protecting, enhancing and celebrating biodiversity within the London Borough of Bromley.

Throughout 2017 Bromley Biodiversity Partnership ran a citizen Science Project asking for records of some of Bromley’s rare and declining species: toad, bullfinch, small tortoiseshell butterfly, hedgehog, swift and stag beetle. A huge thank-you to everyone who sent in their sightings. One of the outcomes from the survey is that more records of toad, bullfinch, hedgehog and swift are needed, especially records of breeding, so the survey of these four species will continue in 2018 with the addition of house sparrow and purple emperor butterfly. 

During March, look out for the common toad on the site. You can find out more information about the common toad here...

You can also view the poster for the project here...

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